Welcome to windsurf’s documentation!

Command-line tools

The Windsurf model can be executed from the command-line using the “windsurf” command. See for more information the –help option.


Source code repository

The Windsurf source code can be downloaded from the OpenEarth GitHub repository: https://github.com/openearth/windsurf/.


The Windsurf model is an initiated by:

The Python package is developed and currently maintained by Bas Hoonhout.

Bas Hoonhout and Sierd de Vries are supported by the ERC-Advanced Grant 291206 Nearshore Monitoring and Modeling (NEMO) and Deltares for their work on the Windsurf model.

Peter Ruggiero, Nick Cohn, Laura Moore and Evan Goldstein are supported by ... for their work on the Windsurf model.

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